Podcasts To Fall In Love With

Hello you glorious, magical souls! How’s 2018 treating you so far, eh? Bit of a shit show, some might say, or am I the only one who wants to jab a knitting needle in my eye when I check the news updates every morning? Oh, brother. So what we could all do with is a little bit of sass, laughter and gorgeousness to brighten up our eardrums as we stroll in the park, cook our dinner and brush our teeth. Lamentably, at the start of the year  almost all of the shows that I’d loved and slavishly listened to either took a sharp nose dive into mediocrity, or just….stopped. There I found myself, snuffling forlornly around for a little bit of aural magic, bumping my metaphorical nose into dud after dud, until finally I have once again curated what I believe to be a banger of collection. So, for your hearing pleasure, I give you…..

2 Dope Queens

Where has this podcast been all my life?! Seriously?! I’d heard it mentioned in passing by a few people, but this deserves more than a mention – it deserves a goddamn parade. Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson have got to be two of the most naturally hilarious, warm and down right delightful women I’ve ever heard, even the sound of their laughter makes my toes curl warmly and my hair bounce. Over the course of one delicious hour they have three guest stand up comedians, interspersed with their own raucous tales and hilarity. It does also go into serious issues like racism and sexism in America, and has some pretty powerful storytelling, while still managing to be upbeat, positive and utterly captivating. Bloody brilliant.

Love Stories

Journalist Dolly Alderton from The High Low (I’ll get to that later) has so far only released nine episodes on the podcast, much to my chagrin, because I could listen to her all day long and I want MORE, damn it! Her interviews are thoughtful and poignant, exploring the nature of love and the guests experiences of it. She doesn’t only focus on sexual love, but also dives in to family, personal passions and self love. Every one of the episodes has felt deeply profound, it’s a beautiful podcast to listen to and reflect on life, and indeed on our own loves. Just lovely.

The High Low

It took me about two episodes to get into The High Low, and now I absolutely adore it. Dolly Alderton (above) and Pandora Sykes are charming hosts, mixing up political and social issues (high) with the more frivolous and light (low). It takes about 30 hours before you can tell their voices apart, both being well to heel Londoners, but they are a delight to listen to. The podcast is very pro feminist, and a great way to get your news and culture updates.

The Model Health Show

Different direction with this one, but one of my favourites none the less. Shawn Stevenson has a voice like warm butter and caramel, and explains the science behind our bodies and nutrition in a clear and engaging way. I’m often guilty of climbing aboard the white wine and cigarette express, but this podcast is wonderful about bringing me back into the health zone, and taking joy from looking after my body. Even though the research is highly scientific, it doesn’t attempt to alienate or patronise, and makes accessible facts that are often overlooked or not discussed. 

The Adam Buxton Podcast

I was never into the Adam and Joe show, at all. I’d rather exfoliate with a rusty wire brush than watch two men jiggle a pair of fake giraffes up and down on the television. However, Adam Buxton is truly a delight in this podcast, and has a great selection of guests (Kathy Burke, oh, Kathy Burke). He sounds like a cosy day in by the fire while it’s drizzling outside, with a warm pair of socks on your feet and a cup of tea steaming in your hand. If you don’t care for the first fifteen minutes of him talking to his dog outside then just skip ahead, but personally, I rather like it.