Tales of Sexuality: Alias, Daria

A true story.

I was 19.

I used to spend my summers working the festival circuit, volunteering in exchange for a free ticket. I loved it, the vibrancy of it all, being surrounded by music and creative minds. We would end up making friends, the artists and the volunteers; it wasn’t hard. Everyone was there to have fun and to meet new people.

One night we were sitting in a group around a campfire, twenty of us or so. There was a man sitting next to me, a musician, and the heat coming off him, the chemistry; it was palpable. He was older than me, maybe thirty five, with the bluest eyes that I had ever seen. They lit up his face, those eyes; they looked as though they’d like to eat me alive. He wasn’t classically beautiful; his hair was grey and he was small, slender, and yet still he fired up in me a lust that left me trembling.

The sexual attraction between us was so intense that I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. It became a performance, a dance. Everything we said, we said for each other’s pleasure. We sought to seduce one another with our words, tying each other up in little knots, laughing, our smiles revealing a thousand sinful thoughts. Someone passed me a bottle, and after taking a swig I gave it to him. When his fingers brushed, purposefully, against mine, I felt a bolt of excitement in the very depths of my groin. It was almost painful, how acutely I wanted him, and my whole body thrummed with desire. Christ. We really just wanted to fuck each other.

Sitting to my other side was a girl I had met once or twice before. She was gorgeous, with big brown eyes and a wearing pair of cowboy boots. Very pretty. Now and then I would stop and talk to her. She laughed easily and we had a very natural chemistry. As the night wore on people began to go to bed, until at last it was just the three of us left. We decided to go out and explore the site as the sun began to rise, to see the festival asleep. As we walked, his arm was next to mine, firmly pressing against me. We were smiling, we knew it wouldn’t be long.

She went to find a bathroom, and the instant that she was out of sight we fell upon each other, kissing so deeply and so desperately, that I could feel shivers shooting up and down my spine. Hours of flirtation and seduction had left us with a powerful hunger, and we gripped each other with desperate fingers, breathless and overcome. We broke away when we heard her coming back, gazing at each other with eyes drowsy with lust. I felt alive with possibility and adventure. Smiling at him, I took her by the arm and led her a little way away, and whispered to her,

‘Do you know, there is something that I’ve always wanted to try.’

She looked at me with shining eyes, and took my hand.

‘I was thinking exactly the same thing.’

When we came back he saw us both watching him like cats, ready to pounce. We didn’t need to explain, he could read what we wanted on our faces. The three of us headed back to the campsite, and one by one we climbed into his tent.

It was the first time for all of us, none of us had had a threesome before. Yet it felt so natural, so easy. I pulled off her clothes, kissing her on the mouth and breasts, while he pulled off my jeans and knickers. She took off my top and bra, and then began to suck him while I massaged her legs and back. Soon, he was inside of me while I caressed her breasts, the three of us moving together in a fluid motion, each piece fitting into the next. I climbed on top of him, and rode him as he made her cum with his hands. She looked so wild, there. We were all in this most excruciating state of pleasure, thrusting and moaning, I had my fingers wrapped tight around his curls, as I thundered my young body into his.

After we were done, she left. I stayed with him; it had been our moment, really. I stroked his nose, his wonderful, strong nose, with my forefinger. We kissed, we looked at each other. There was the most delicious zing between us. My young body felt open and new, brave and alive. I wanted to swallow the memory whole.

He and I would sleep together sometimes after that, if we found ourselves working at the same festival. The attraction between us was electric, but not for the real world; we never tried to take it home. He existed for me only in the land of music and lights, the land of eternal summer.