Jasmine’s Sparrow

Sparrows I could watch all day,

The way they hop and fight and play.

I watch them through the window’s glass,

In my garden, bold as brass.

I want to put them in my mouth,

Squeeze their bones, feel them bounce

In my cupped hands, their little beaks

Pecking as they scratch and squeak.

I want these birds to love me back,

I’ll call them Lucy, Jim and Jack.

One would perch atop my head,

As I sit rocking in my bed.

Don’t fly away, you little dears!

Come and drink my salty tears,

We’ll be good friends, please come inside!

There’s no need to be scared and hide.

What’s that, you say? You will not come,

And perch so sweet upon my thumb?

Are you not my dearest friends,

Or am I going round the bend?