Travelling Vignettes

girl on rock looking to mountains

Travelling and living abroad has been one of the defining characteristics of my life. My parents both having wild souls, I was always taken to different lands as a child, and this instilled in me a deep love of exploring and adventure. At twelve I travelled to Iceland alone to meet with a friend, at fifteen I went with just a friend to Hamburg, after school I spent two months in Europe, after university I moved to Australia, and many, many more trips in between. After Melbourne it was Brazil, after Brazil it was Edinburgh, after Edinburgh it was Berlin, and on we go. I have visited every continent, and mastered the art of saying “a bottle of house red wine, please” in more than a few languages.

Travelling Vignettes is my way of remembering each of these experiences, trying to capture the feeling of these moments, rather than just filing them away under “been there, done that”. I will slowly meander down the misty pathways of my memories, and strike a light into those areas that might otherwise grow dark and dim. They may be memories of only a fleeting instance; a feeling, a friendship. They may reach their tendrils around the the whole,  softly pulling together the pieces to paint richly how it was then. I hope you will come with me on that journey. Come, take me by the hand and let me lead you down the path, and we will sit together by the fire.